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Friday, January 14, 2011

Big Tent Response January 14th

 Big Tent Poetry (found here) offer up a weekly prompt. This week, a letter of the alphabet had to be chosen and a word list generated. Because the letter "E" is supposed to be the most commonly used letter of the English alphabet, my response is as follows:

Ode to the letter E or Episodal Edification

Eradicate emotional existence
elicits excruciating emptiness;
exterminating embarrassing effrontery
engulfs empirical elite.
Enforced effusion ellipses
evil effluent,
emulating exacerbating exhaustion.
Execute erroneous epigrams
erasing expendable ego.


  1. Veeeerrry clever. To make sense of that lot of disconnected words took genius!

  2. Amazing how you managed to make a poem with words starting with only E. I tried that with P some months ago but inevitably used some non-P words. :) Good one.

  3. Wow, I'll say that is very clever.
    Seamless poem with all the "E's"

  4. Expertly executed, excellent and no expletives. I only got three down before I had to cheat. Amazingly, it works quite well as a poem and not just an exercise. Nice work.

  5. Wow! You took to heart the Big Tent Poetry prompt this week - alliteration supreme! Here's my Z poem

  6. Ah, you took it to those eese to the limits. Nice!

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I appreciate you reading and commenting. lkv ;)